Our Message

This page only exists because of our broken campaign finance system. Most candidates would post attacks here on their primary opponents, but John Fetterman knows that you don’t win a swing state like Pennsylvania in a tough election year by attacking your fellow Democrats. So here are some things that Pennsylvania Democratic primary voters should know about John — because, again, our system is deeply dysfunctional.

  • John Fetterman was mayor of a steel town in Western PA. As mayor, he brought in new jobs and small businesses, and reduced crime.
  • John ran for Lieutenant Governor and won a statewide race, beating the political machine and flipping 6 counties won by Donald Trump. 
  • Once elected as Lieutenant Governor, John got to work and got things done; he turned down the state mansion, saved taxpayers money, and reformed the office more than anyone in decades. 
  • Now John is running for Senate to take on the biggest problem: Washington. It’s broken, and working people are being left behind. Prices are rising, and DC politicians don’t seem to care. A typical politician isn’t going to change things — but John’s not a typical politician.
  • John is the only candidate for Senate — Democrat or Republican — who has run and won statewide.

Our team has already run the following ads, which we are really proud of:

  • No Place for Granted highlights Fetterman’s deep roots in Pennsylvania, his work as Mayor of Braddock and Lt. Governor, and his long record of fighting for people and communities that have been left behind.
  • Slideshow tells John’s story: how he came to Braddock to teach GED classes and ended up becoming a hands-on mayor who helped lead the town through five years without a murder.
  • Braddock talks about what prompted John to run for mayor — two of his students getting gunned down — and touches on the good work he did in Braddock once he was elected.
  • Lt. Governor highlights John’s historic Lt. Governor victory in 2018, his work reforming the office, and his commitment to taking the same strategy to D.C. and deliver results for working people.