Gisele’s Story

Gisele met John after writing a letter to him inquiring about Braddock and the efforts to revitalize the community. In 2008, John and Gisele got married. Together, John and Gisele have been living in Braddock for 13 years and now have three children — Karl, 12, Gracie, 9, and August, 7 — and a rescue dog, Levi. 

Gisele has devoted her life to helping others, with a focus on nutrition, food equity and meeting Pennsylvanians’ basic needs. With just an empty shipping container and an open lot, Gisele opened the Free Store, distributing household goods, baby items and bicycles to those in need. In addition, she co-founded 412 Food Rescue, which sends volunteers to retailers who have surplus food that risks going bad and delivers it to nonprofits that serve the hungry. Gisele also co-founded the nonprofit For Good PGH which drives numerous initiatives on inclusion including “Hello Hijab,” which produces miniature hijabs for dolls, promoting tolerance and diversity. Most recently Gisele founded The Hollander Project, a business incubator for female entrepreneurs. 

Beyond founding and supporting multiple organizations, Gisele is an unapologetic advocate for marginalized groups, especially the immigrant community as she herself was once a Dreamer. Gisele is passionate about many policy reforms and is particularly outspoken on marijuana legalization and is a medical marijuana patient herself. As an advocate, an activist, and a hugger, Gisele Fetterman is always making a difference in her community with her big heart on full display.