John’s Plan to Hold Washington Accountable

John’s Plan to Hold Washington Accountable

All across Pennsylvania, we’re seeing soaring prices, hollowed out communities, and families getting ripped off by corporate greed. Things are tough, and people are struggling. Washington D.C. doesn’t see that — and they don’t care about places like ours. 

I don’t see these as Democratic or Republican solutions. They’re patriotic, pro-America, pro-worker — and just plain common sense. When I’m in D.C., I’ll fight to:

  • Make more stuff in America
  • Cut taxes for working people
  • Ban Congress from trading stocks
  • Slash “out of pocket” health care costs
  • End immoral price gouging

Make More Stuff in America 🇺🇸

Fighting inflation and lowering costs starts with making more stuff in America and bringing jobs home. We need to bring back American manufacturing by strengthening “Buy American” requirements for companies that do business with the federal government and mandating that companies we buy from make their products right here at home. We also need to crack down on companies that falsely claim their products are made here and punish them for ripping off and misleading the American people.

For too long, out-of-touch politicians in Washington have sold out people on factory floors to benefit their friends in corporate boardrooms, passing bad trade deals that have sent thousands of good-paying jobs overseas. I’ll work to punish companies that ship jobs overseas and reverse the bad trade deals that have hurt American workers. And I’ll fight to bring more jobs back home to Pennsylvania.

Making more stuff here in America would mean prices wouldn’t spike every time there’s a problem overseas. We don’t need to be outsourcing any more jobs and production to China, and making inflation worse. There is no reason that the next generation of technology—from defense to clean energy to the microchips that power our cell phones—can’t be manufactured right here in the Commonwealth.

Cut Taxes for Working People 📉

We need to cut taxes for working families to even the odds and guarantee that the ultra-wealthy aren’t abusing our broken tax code. I support suspending the federal gas tax, to provide working people with immediate relief at the pump and help deal with rising costs. We also need to bring down taxes for working people across the board.

To replace the revenue, we will make sure Wall Street, hedge fund managers, and mega-millionaires pay their fair share by enacting a financial transaction tax on trades of stocks, bonds, and derivatives. The savings could then be used to cut taxes for working families and reinvest in the American people.

I’ll fight for a tax code that ensures the wealthiest Americans and corporations like Amazon and don’t get away with scamming the system, and finally pay their fair share like the rest of us. We can and must build an economy that works for all of us.

Ban Congress from Trading Stocks 💰

This is just common sense. Lawmakers should not be profiting off special access to closed-door information about the companies they’re supposed to be regulating. Allowing members of Congress and their immediate families to trade stocks is a clear conflict of interest — and the Senate needs to be getting shit done for the people, not for their own portfolios.

I’ll push to ban Members of Congress and their families from holding or trading stocks. Congress already has enough perks — insider trading shouldn’t be one of them.

Slash “Out of Pocket” Health Care Costs 🩺

We’ve got to end the stranglehold of health care costs on American families by instituting a cap on out-of-pocket costs. I’ll make sure no American has to pay more than a thousand dollars a year out of pocket for necessary medical expenses. 

We don’t need any more simps for big pharma in the Senate — there are already plenty. I’ll fight to hold drug companies accountable for forcing families to ration insulin as they rake in record profits and rip Pennsylvanians off.

If we’re going to bring down the prices of prescription drugs, we need to go after the pharmaceutical companies that jack up the prices. We should also pass legislation to allow for the importation of lower-priced prescription drugs from other countries and put a cap on prescription drug costs. 

End Immoral Price Gouging 🧾

It’s time we crack down on the big corporations who are making record profits while jacking up prices for all of us. We need to prosecute the executives of huge corporations, including the big oil companies and meatpacking companies who are artificially driving up prices, gouging consumers at the pump and at the grocery store. 

Big oil companies like Chevron, Exxon, and Shell have seen their profits increase 200% since last year, but they’re still charging us sky-high prices for gas. Companies like Tyson posted over a billion dollars in profits last quarter, while raising prices on meat products our families depend on.

It’s gross, and deeply unpatriotic, for the big corporations to be rolling around in cash while charging us record high prices for gas and groceries. 

Instead of raising costs at the pump or in the grocery store, these companies should be working to help drive prices down, even if it means their CEOs make a little bit less. It’s time to take on the big corporations and special interests, and bring down prices for the American people.