Fighting Inflation + Lowering Costs

Across Pennsylvania, people are getting squeezed. We’re paying more at the grocery store, more at the pump, and more almost everywhere else. Inflation is a tax on working people, and we must do more to stop it. 

First and foremost, we have to tackle the corporate greed that’s been contributing to the sky high prices. In the Senate, I will fight for a fair tax code that ensures the wealthiest Americans and corporations don’t get away with scamming the system, and finally pay their fair share. We can and must build an economy that works for all of us. 

To bring down costs, we also need to make our supply chains more resilient and ensure that they start and end here at home – because supply chains get a lot less complicated when we make stuff here, not overseas. Making more stuff here in America would mean prices wouldn’t spike every time there’s a problem overseas. We don’t need to be outsourcing any more jobs and production to China, while exacerbating inflation.

And when it comes to gas prices, we should suspend the federal gas tax to provide immediate relief for people at the pump. We should also continue to use American oil, produce and invest in more American energy, and invest in programs that help low-income Pennsylvanians pay their energy bills. And finally, it’s time we crack down on the big oil companies who are making record profits while jacking up prices for all of us. Instead of raising costs at the pump, these oil companies should be working to help drive prices down, even if it means their CEOs make a little bit less.

The bottom line is that we have to make more stuff in America and bring manufacturing and jobs back home — not just to America, but to right here in Pennsylvania.

John on the Issues

  1. Preparing the Next Generation
  2. Keeping Our Promise to Veterans
  3. Investing in Rural Communities
  4. Respecting Our Seniors
  5. Safeguarding Our Democracy
  6. Delivering Criminal Justice Reform
  7. Building a Humane, Safe, and Secure Immigration System
  8. Protecting Women’s Reproductive Freedom
  9. Guaranteeing Health Care
  10. Legalizing Cannabis
  11. Securing LGBTQIA+ Rights
  12. Taking on Crime
  13. Fighting Inflation + Lowering Costs
  14. Promoting American Energy + Building a Clean Energy Future
  15. Supporting Workers + the Union Way of Life
  16. Maintaining Smart Global Leadership