Preparing the Next Generation

I was fortunate to get a solid education that helped set me on a solid path. Far too many families struggle to find good public schools for their kids, and the price of college has become outrageous. And there are too few opportunities for the many young people who don’t think college is the right option for them. If we want to prepare the next generation for a highly competitive world, we need to get serious about what education in the 21st century looks like. 

In Washington, I’ll fight for universal pre-k and childcare, and I’ll make sure our public schools have the funding they need so our teachers aren’t shouldering so much of a burden. I will also work to increase investments in career and technical programs to prepare young adults for successful and in-demand careers in critical industries. And for students who do opt to attend college, to make sure the cost isn’t a barrier I’ll support efforts to make community colleges  tuition-free and reduce the burden of student loan debt that too many borrowers are experiencing right now.

John on the Issues

  1. Preparing the Next Generation
  2. Keeping Our Promise to Veterans
  3. Investing in Rural Communities
  4. Respecting Our Seniors
  5. Safeguarding Our Democracy
  6. Delivering Criminal Justice Reform
  7. Building a Humane, Safe, and Secure Immigration System
  8. Protecting Women’s Reproductive Freedom
  9. Guaranteeing Health Care
  10. Legalizing Cannabis
  11. Securing LGBTQIA+ Rights
  12. Taking on Crime
  13. Fighting Inflation + Lowering Costs
  14. Promoting American Energy + Building a Clean Energy Future
  15. Supporting Workers + the Union Way of Life
  16. Maintaining Smart Global Leadership