Safeguarding Our Democracy

From partisan gerrymandering and unlimited corporate money flooding our elections, to voter suppression legislation, to election denial and the events of January 6, our democracy is in serious danger.

Last year, I became one of the first candidates in the country to call for abolishing the filibuster for a reason: it stands in the way of getting things done for Pennyslvanians. This includes protecting our democracy from those who simply want to throw out election results they don’t like. When Republicans in Harrisburg tried to undermine our democracy after the 2020 election, I called out their lies. We must do everything we can to maintain and protect our democracy. 

In the Senate, I will fight like hell to expand voting rights and push for reforms that get big money out of politics and prevent politicians from picking their voters through partisan gerrymandering. I will also vote to ban Members of Congress from holding or trading stocks, because lawmakers should not be making profits off of the same companies they are supposed to be regulating, based on closed-door information that isn’t available to the public.

These are simple, common sense reforms we need to strengthen our democracy and restore trust in our system of government.

John on the Issues

  1. Preparing the Next Generation
  2. Keeping Our Promise to Veterans
  3. Investing in Rural Communities
  4. Respecting Our Seniors
  5. Safeguarding Our Democracy
  6. Delivering Criminal Justice Reform
  7. Building a Humane, Safe, and Secure Immigration System
  8. Protecting Women’s Reproductive Freedom
  9. Guaranteeing Health Care
  10. Legalizing Cannabis
  11. Securing LGBTQIA+ Rights
  12. Taking on Crime
  13. Fighting Inflation + Lowering Costs
  14. Promoting American Energy + Building a Clean Energy Future
  15. Supporting Workers + the Union Way of Life
  16. Maintaining Smart Global Leadership